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Credit Experts on Your Side

Our expert team is ready to work alongside you! With our knowledge, experience, and advanced technology, we take action on your behalf.

A Game Plan for Success

We’ll work with you to create a game plan for success. We’ll help you CHECK, CHALLENGE, and CHANGE items on your credit and help you reach your goals!

We Put You First

Find out why our top-tier representatives are known for their stellar customer service! We do everything in our power to help you achieve your credit dreams.

Our Mission

Many people are simply not sure where to begin when it comes to their credit. At SOKO Credit Repair, we believe in customer credit education. We believe you should have the ability to use your credit to your advantage and arm you with the knowledge you need for future credit success. SOKO Credit Repair works with you to repair and/or build your credit, increasing your buying power, and keep your credit in the high 700s!

James Patterson

Founder & CEO

What to Expect with SOKO Credit Repair

FREE Do it Yourself Credit Repair

It’s Free To Repair Your Credit With Soko Credit Repair

Only pay $ 39.99/mo for your 3 bureau credit report subscription

Within 90 Days...

Within 90 days, most clients have reached their credit goals! Some situations may take longer to repair, like bankruptcy, government liens, or other major issues. Our goal is to help you repair your credit as quickly as possible, so you can harness your best buying power!

In the First 30 Days...

In the first 30 days, clients can see anywhere from a 20 point to 140 point increase. Of course, these results range based on several factors, including your current credit situation. Our Credit Specialists will review your credit, review the process and give you an idea of how long it could take to reach your goals.

We love hearing from our clients. Thank you for trusting SOKO!

Clients Love SOKO Credit Repair!

Idris Adams

This is the most efficient credit repair company I've ever utilized. They helped me build my credit score quite expeditiously, which in turn allowed me to get the funding I needed to launch my business. I've been in other programs that just kept giving me the runaround just to keep collecting their monthly premium. Soko constantly provided me updates, and got me where I needed to be within 90 days. I highly recommend them!

Parri Abbott

Soko has an amazing program to repair credit. I am a divorce lawyer and have sent several of my clients to Soko with AMAZING RESULTS! Now I send all of my clients who have credit issues post divorce to Soko. Having good credit is so important and Soko works not only to repair - but rebuild credit.

James Albright

Love these guy they took me from 480 to 760. I couldn't even get a $100 loan at first 3 months later I was approved for $60,000 car. Now I'm riding in style.

Shane Wahner

I used this company to fix my credit and in the first 30 days they removed 5 items for me. In 3 months my credit score is back in the 700's. I am very glad I went with these guys.

Chris Cota

They can raise your score very fast, this comes in very helpful when you're trying to get that loan, great customer service as well

Nora Roberts

Amazing customer service

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