Clients Love SOKO Credit Repair

We provide stellar customer service while helping clients reach their credit goals!

Nora Roberts

Amazing customer service

Chris Cota

They can raise your score very fast, this comes in very helpful when you’re trying to get that loan, great customer service as well

James Albright

Love these guy they took me from 480 to 760. I couldn’t even get a $100 loan at first 3 months later I was approved for $60,000 car. Now I’m riding in style.

Shane Wahner

I used this company to fix my credit and in the first 30 days they removed 5 items for me. In 3 months my credit score is back in the 700’s. I am very glad I went with these guys.

Parri Abbott

Soko has an amazing program to repair credit. I am a divorce lawyer and have sent several of my clients to Soko with AMAZING RESULTS! Now I send all of my clients who have credit issues post divorce to Soko. Having good credit is so important and Soko works not only to repair – but rebuild credit.

Idris Adams

This is the most efficient credit repair company I’ve ever utilized. They helped me build my credit score quite expeditiously, which in turn allowed me to get the funding I needed to launch my business. I’ve been in other programs that just kept giving me the runaround just to keep collecting their monthly premium. Soko constantly provided me updates, and got me where I needed to be within 90 days. I highly recommend them!

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