Can You Really Repair My Credit?

Yes! For over 15 years Soko has helped thousands of people, just like you, repair their credit. We have partnered with key professionals to ensure you get the best service possible!

Once you sign up as a client and we’ve received your credit reports, we will construct letters of dispute on your behalf. These letters are specifically designed to communicate in such a way that the credit bureaus and the creditor will accept the dispute and conduct an investigation of the disputed item.

While this may sound easy, any person who has attempted to dispute his or her own credit issues will tell you otherwise. According to federal law, the credit bureaus can ignore your dispute under a variety of conditions. In our experience, a large percentage of dispute letters sent directly from consumers are rejected under one credit bureau pretext or another.

Properly disputed credit listings are removed with remarkable frequency. Each time an investigation is commenced, the odds of receiving deletions increases.

At the conclusion of the credit bureau’s investigation, a new copy of the credit report will be sent to directly to you showing any deletions or improvements as a result of Sokos services. You then copy and send us the new credit report and the cycle repeats itself at timed intervals.

How Long Would It Take Soko To Repair My Credit?

Your credit files are like your fingerprints, they are unique to you. No two clients are the same. Each case varies, and the credit bureaus response to each communication varies, therefore, it is almost impossible to give our clients an exact time frame any individual case would require.

However, if your credit reports are received promptly, you should see impressive results in as little as 30-45 days. Sending your reports promptly to our office while we are handling your case is a very important and necessary step in the process of restoring your good credit.

The speed of your progress can be greatly affected by your participation, the nature of your case, and the level of credit bureau cooperation.

We are so confident in what we do at Soko we have a full refund policy in place for your peace of mind.

Does Paying Off My Bills Repair My Credit?

You would think that would be true. But, again, the credit reporting system just doesn’t work that way.

The trick is to work on restoring your credit at the same time you pay off your debt. Here’s why: The act of paying off the unpaid debts that show up on your credit reports can actually work against you. However, it is hard to restore your credit and not satisfy your debts. This dilemma has to do with time.

The date of last activity is what starts the credit bureau clock ticking. So you see, if you pay a delinquent debt, your action changes your account to “paid collection” or “paid was late” or “paid was charged off”. These will stand out on your report as negative listings.

As though this is not enough, a new date of last activity (the day you pay off the accounts) begins. THE SEVEN-YEAR CLOCK WILL RESET OVER AGAIN!

SSo, what is the answer to this problem? It is almost always advisable to seek professional help to guide you on how to settle your debts without further damaging your credit. Soko can assist you in this area.

Do You Have a Guarantee or a Warranty?

We fully warranty our services. Our warranty means that at the completion of our agreement, if you’ve done your part by sending in updated credit reports and letters from the credit bureaus and we’ve made no progress, your money will be refunded.

We only get paid for results, so you have absolute peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything that our 14 plus years of experience has taught us to do in effectively causing positive changes in your credit scores and your credit history.

Remember that you are not just a number to Soko. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we will use all of our expertise, talents and abilities we have learned in the past for you to have a great experience with us.

Can I Call You If I Have Any Problems or Questions?

Definitely, once you send your paperwork in to get started please give your case representative a few days to contact you. We will contact you by phone and/or email to let you know we’ve  ordered your credit reports, we’ll also send you a package in the mail with your receipt, contract with our company and other important information pertaining to your case.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact your case representative as much as you need to, that is what we’re here for.

Can I Do This Myself?

Yes, you can. Most individuals turn to a professional to handle credit restoration because of the limited success they’ve had in dealing directly with their creditors and the credit bureaus. However, it is your right (See Fair Credit Reporting Act) to dispute your case directly to those laying claim against you. For the majority who do not have the professional experience to single- handedly tackle their personal credit issues, we encourage you to seek the professional assistance of a company, such as Soko that specializes in credit restoration.

How Will I Know If What You’re Doing Really Works and If My Credit Reports Have Changed?

Actually, you will be the first to know. When negative items are removed from your credit report, the credit bureaus are required by law to send a copy of the revised report to you, not your credit repair company. Soko then depends on you to send it to us.

Also, you always have the option of contacting your case representative and requesting an update on your case.

How Does Soko Do This Legally?

Disputing your credit report is your right (see Fair Credit Reporting Act). Credit restoration is as legal as pleading “not guilty” in a court of law.

Of course, properly presenting your case to the credit bureaus is an important step in the restoration process.

What About My Bills?

When Soko deletes a negative credit report listing, the actual debt behind the listing remains the same. You still owe the same money that you owed in the first place. Credit repair is not the same as filing Bankruptcy. If you don’t pay the debt, the creditor or collection agency  could always re-report the item. So removing the listing without addressing the debt is not always

the best solution. Normally specific questions like this are better handled by talking to your account representative at Soko directly.

What If Deleted Items Reappear On My Credit Report?

On rare occasion, some creditors will verify a negative listing that was recently deleted. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit bureau inform you of reinstatement of a previously deleted listing. The FCRA also makes it more difficult for credit bureaus to re-report listings. Because of these factors, it is fairly rare for listings to come back on your credit history once they’ve been deleted. If an item is re-reported, it is a simple matter to challenge the listing again at a future time in order to press for permanent deletion.

Do I Need To See My Credit Reports First?

It is not necessary to know exactly what appears on your credit reports before we begin work. It is only necessary to know that there is a negative credit history problem that needs to be  addressed. One amazing thing about bad credit is that almost any small amount of bad credit will trigger universal credit denial. A little bad credit isn’t much better than a ton. So, if you believe that there might only be a couple of negative listings on your credit report, it still makes sense to hire Soko to remove those listings. In any case, if your credit comes back all positive,  we will gladly refund any fees.